Friday, April 24, 2015

A Threesome of Short Scary Stories

A new trio of short scary stories. Find them here.

Jesus Junkies Caught On Video

You’ve heard the horror stories: People playing with poisonous snakes like they’re kittens; shouting gibberish in a trance-like state; traversing neighborhoods like zombies looking for strangers to accost. They’re the Jesus Junkies, hopped up and brainwashed addicts shackled to a mind-numbing drug called “Jesus Juice” or JJ, as it’s known on the streets.

Many of us have only heard about the destructive nature of JJ and it’s adverse affects on the mind, but now we have video of a gathering of Jesus Junkies in their “church” and can witness the terrifying behavior of addicts high on JJ. You’ll see the drug transform grown men into prancing, dancing lunatics shouting nonsense at each other as they gyrate and flail their arms about. Having lost all self-control, they skip across the stage like five-year olds, twirl their coats over their heads and make mysterious hand gestures displaying their Jesus Junkie creds.

This is not a video for the faint of heart, but if it helps just one person think twice before drinking JJ, it will have served its purpose. Watch the video here.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Some odd, fun and disturbing random facts:

One in four Americans believes Obama is the antichrist.

One in four Americans think the sun revolves around the Earth, according to a National Science Foundation survey.

Mark Twain didn’t graduate from elementary school.

Until 1796 the state of Tennessee was called “Franklin.”

Nearly 30% of the Americans surveyed in a National Geographic Study (2003) could not locate the Pacific Ocean on a world map.

A 2004 survey found that 51% of Americans believe in creationism.

A study found that ¼ of Americans did not know we won our independence from Great Britain.

Seventy-three percent of people surveyed in a 2011 Newsweek poll did not know why there was a Cold War.

More than one-third of Americans believe sexual orientation is a choice.

Percentage of American men who say they would marry the same woman if they had to do it all over again: 80

Percentage of American women who say they would marry the same man: 50

If the government has no knowledge of aliens, then why does Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations, implemented on July 16, 1969 make it illegal for U. S. citizens to have any contact with extraterrestrials or their vehicles?

In 2012, more people were killed by toddlers than terrorists

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Where does right wing conservatism end and mental illness begin?

A big story in this election cycle is how far to the right Republicans have turned in recent years and how they continue winning elections at all levels of government while holding views with which the majority of Americans disagree. How do they get away with calling Obama a socialist (he’s not), climate change a hoax (it’s not) and Muslims evil (they’re not) and myriad other lies and still be considered fit to hold public office by so many voters?

In speech after speech after speech, Cruz, Rubio, That-White-Guy Walker and the other Republican Presidential wannabes make outrageous accusations and tell flat-out lies with a conviction that is unnerving. Do they actually believe the garbage they are hurling at their audience? Are they so brainwashed by FOX News and their own demagoguery that they think merely by saying something it is therefore true? Doesn’t that break from reality fall into some category of mental illness?

A major reason why these clowns win elections is that America’s richest citizens reward them for their craziness with millions in campaign checks. These borderline mental cases are more than willing to be tools of the elites if they get to sit in big leather chairs and ride in a limousine. Despite the fact that they are destroying America for future generations through their greed, the .01 percent has no concerns about our democracy going to the highest bidder, because they’re always the highest bidder.

The bottom line: If you want to run for political office as a Republican and be lavished with money, being mentally ill isn’t a requirement, but it will definitely give you an edge.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

America’s Elites Have Us Right Where Thy Want Us

A question many of us ask ourselves is, “How can we wake up the masses to the reality of America’s decline and inspire them to action?” I can’t help but look back at the 60s and wonder what made that era so different. Hundreds of thousands of people of all racial backgrounds took to the streets during that decade to protest the Vietnam War, racial segregation and the prospects of nuclear war. Many were college age, but if you go back and look at photos of the marches you’ll find plenty of middle-aged and older citizens as well. Why not now?

One major reason is the state of the economy in this country then and now. In the fifties and sixties, a family could live a modest yet comfortable life on one blue-collar salary, as mine did. Unions were strong, wages were high and the post-war economy in America was booming. Students could attend college without having to bear the burden of soul crushing debt and a person without a diploma could still get a job that paid a living wage. There was a sense of economic security in those days that simply does not exist today, and people could turn their thoughts to issues beyond simple survival.

Today, the economy is anemic at best, income inequality is staggering and attending college requires tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. Americans are struggling to survive economically and families need two jobs just to keep the lights on. Our lack of economic security is keeping us focused on getting and keeping our jobs to feed our families and avoid bankruptcy, and this is just fine in they eyes of today’s elites. They’re grateful we don’t have the time or energy to look behind the curtain and see what they’re really up to.

In fact, we are right in the sweet spot from the perspective of the .01 percent; not so bad off financially that we start turning our frustrations on our leaders en mass, yet not so well off that we can take the time to reflect on our situation and determine who’s to blame. And, best of all, our billionaires are raking in almost all the income that’s to be made in this economy. What’s not to love?

We’ll have a new President soon, and which way the economy goes will have a direct impact on whether the slumbering giant wakes up and begins demanding change.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Jade Helm, Walmart and Martial Law — Dust off Your Tin Foil Hat

What better way to spice up a cool, cloudy Monday than with the hottest conspiracy theory circulating on the Internet? This summer, between July 15 and September 15, elite service members from all four branches of the military will be conducting exercises throughout the Southwest, including Southern California, in an operation called Jade Helm 15.

The U.S. Army Special Operations Command said the exercise is designed to train special units to “successfully conduct worldwide operations in support of our nation’s interests.” This is the kind of vague gobbledygook that you might expect from the military, but it should be noted that these types of operations have been conducted before in various areas of the U.S., although this one is the largest to date.

Since the first mentions of Jade Helm, conspiracy theorists across the Internet have been telling anyone who will listen that this is the prelude to martial law in America. This seems a severe stretch of the imagination to me. Obama? Martial law? I don’t think so. However, there is a tantalizing sidebar to all of this that will only add fuel to the conspiracy fire.

Last week Walmart closed five stores on the same day, two in Texas, one in California, one in Oklahoma and one in Florida. The official excuse for shutting down the stores (and putting nearly 2000 people on unemployment) was plumbing problems. This response was met with skepticism, which was heightened when reporters found that none of the affected stores had applied for any plumbing permits from their respective municipalities.

Fast forward to today. A woman with a video camera went to the Pico Rivera, California store to check things out. That store has kept its pharmacy open to allow people with prescriptions there to continue getting their meds. The first thing she noted was that there were police cruisers parked at every entrance and exit to the Walmart. She then went into the section of the store that was open. There she found that shelving had been erected around the pharmacy that blocked any view of the rest of the store. She was eventually kicked out because she wasn’t filling a prescription.

There you go. There will be a huge military exercise in the Southwest this summer where four Walmarts closed unexpectedly and are under police guard. I seriously doubt that plumbing repairs would require that level of security. What’s really going on? I have no idea, but stay tuned.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Congress Pays Fealty to its Masters

The United States Congress is home to a large community of corrupt, self-serving, money-grubbing psychopaths who have pledged their allegiance to the 0.01 percent and have no interest in the needs of their constituents. This past week they made an offering to their masters by voting to repeal the estate tax, which mostly benefits the heirs of billionaires. Why not let the next generation of elites know who they can count on to fight for them?

Citizens United opened the bank vaults and we are now watching the corporate funded puppets dancing to their masters’ tune. The Koch’s and friends are buying Washington as a gift to their children. It’s a lot better than a pony.

Many Americans can see what’s happening to our government, but many others cannot, and they seem to make up the segment of Americans who actually go to the polls and vote. Will we ever be able to convince this older, white demographic that they are voting against their best interests? Probably not, and we will all suffer as a result.

What will it take to inspire the rest of the country to take action? That remains to be seen.

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Cult of Cruelty in America

Over the past six years the number of homeless children in America has increased by an incredible 60 percent with 16 million kids now on food stamps. The U.S has one of the highest relative child poverty rates in the world, ranking us with Latvia, Lithuania and Romania at the bottom of the list.

How is this even remotely okay in a country that claims to be the leader of the free world, the country supposedly ordained by God to be the example of democracy for everyone else to follow? Every day there’s a new headline about the improving economy, but that supposed improvement isn’t reaching a whole lot of people. 

What do you expect when one of the two major political parties in America believes that the poor are in that condition because they are lazy and dependent on government handouts? In other words, Republicans blame the poor for their poverty, and constantly demean and demonize the most helpless class of people in the country. People like Cruz and Rubio and Cotton are members of a cult of cruelty, blaming the victim and rushing to unravel the remaining safety net that in some cases is literally the difference between life and death.

Poor children don’t vote, so they mean nothing to Tea Party conservatives. Like everything else conservatives believe, their perspective on poverty is supported not by science or data, but by twisted religious beliefs and a reality challenged adherence to the idea of free markets with absolutely no government intervention. In other words, they would prefer a dog-eat-dog world over even the slightest government regulation.

And who suffers the most in this Ayn Randian nightmare of free-for-all capitalism? Our children, of course. They pay the price for conditions they had nothing to do with creating. The cult of cruelty is the result of white elitists in positions of power who want no government regulation over how they make their money, calling any interference with their schemes socialism. Children are not as important as the bottom line, and neither apparently, is our future as a country.