Thursday, September 09, 2004

Uncle Dick is Coming Unglued

Paraphrasing Dick Cheney’s latest rhetorical excretion, this country risks being attacked by terrorists if we elect Kerry. Excuse me, but do I smell desperation? The ravings of a cornered animal? Of all the phantasmagorical, other-worldly statements from the Bush administration, this is one of the weirdest. It is a remark so distant from reality that it has to be measured in light years. Let’s step back for just a moment.

• Bush was the president when terrorists brought down the World Trade Towers.

• Bush is the one who froze when told America was under attack.

• Bush is the one who ignored clear warnings that terrorists planned to use planes as weapons.

• Bush is the one who invaded a sovereign country not tied in any way to 9/11.

• Bush is the one who alienated our allies in the fight against terrorism.

• Bush is the one responsible for an upsurge in terrorist recruitment worldwide as a result of his misguided policies.

• Bush is the one who has weakened our ability to fight terrorists at home by diverting billions of dollars to the war in Iraq.

There very well may be a terrorist attack on America after Kerry is elected, but if that happens, it will be the direct result of a failed Bush administration, not a Kerry victory. And once Kerry is in office, Uncle Dick can take a long, long vacation.

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