Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The mystery of the close campaign

Two men are running for president, but only one of the candidates
  • Is an unrepentant member of the 1%
  • Remains clueless about how the rest of us are affected by the current economic situation
  • Wants tax breaks for wealthiest Americans, higher taxes for the rest of us
  • Advocates totally unrealistic and unworkable policies related to fixing the economy. Most economists agree his policies will inevitably make things worse
  • Has no true political convictions. Long record of saying anything to get elected
  • Attacks Obama for policies he once supported
  • Allows religious beliefs to take precedent over logic, analysis and science
  • Has vowed he will take us back to failed Bush-era policies
  • Opposes any rationale discussion related to the failed war on drugs
  • Wants to provide more money to an already bloated Defense budget while cutting essential safety net programs
  • Doesn’t mind a man having more than one wife, but opposes gay marriage
  • Claims to want government out of people’s lives yet promotes policies that allow government to control women’s medical choices
  • Won’t openly reject Donald Trump’s insane birther rants
  • Is a member of a religious group that believes Jesus came to America and that a woman can’t get into heaven unless the spirit of her husband calls her name. Oh, and there’s the polygamy thing, too

Yet this presidential campaign remains close, according to the media. Why?

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