Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Current Affairs Quiz

It’s time to play, “Guess the real headline.” They say truth is stranger than fiction, but who are “they” and why don’t they identify themselves? Anyway, one of the headlines below is the real deal, ripped from today’s news. The others will probably be real headlines in a day or two. For successfully identifying the authentic headline, a toothless hermit living in a Bavarian cave will light a candle in your honor.

  1. North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Says He Will Start WWIII If Adam Sandler Does Not Receive An Honorary Academy Award
  2. Tea Party Boycotting FOX News for Being Too Liberal
  3. Rick Perry Appoints Himself President of Texas
  4. NRA Claims Guns Don’t Kill People, Bullets Do
  5. Chicago Cubs Preseason Pick to Win It All
  6. Ford Is Bringing Back the Edsel

(If you picked number 2, you spend too much time internetting)

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