Monday, June 01, 2015

I want to scream at the stupid people

In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, Ted Cruz said federal aid to the victims was “wasteful pork spending.” Now there’s flooding in Texas and Cruz is asking for federal relief. American dictionary publishers should all get together and agree to change the definition of “Hypocrite” to “Every conservative ever.”

How can anyone admire or cast a vote for someone who is so wrong about so many things? Someone so callous and lacking in empathy that he will allow his fellow citizens to suffer for his ideology, but come crying to the government when he’s the one suffering?

Some days I just want to get up on a roof and scream at the stupid people.

If I owned a business, I wouldn’t hire any of the current Republican candidates for President for any job more important than cleaning the bathrooms. They are all soulless monsters motivated by a morally bankrupt ideology that promotes selfishness, greed and superstition above all else. They are Ayn Rand’s bastard children who worship the moneylenders instead of the hippie freak who kicked them out of the marketplace.

The fact that these morons are even seriously considered candidates for the highest office in this country makes us the laughing stock of the rest of the world. We’re no longer held in respect by the international community, we’re simply feared for our vast military reach and nuclear weapons. The stupid people are destroying this country, and everyone can see it but us.

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