Monday, July 20, 2015

Donald Trump: Crazy Like a Fox

Today’s front page of Salon has five stories explaining why Donald Trump is an egomaniacal, racist, misogynistic asshole. The Huffington Post has four (with a fifth alluding to the Donald).  Guess what? Trump is winning the media. Even the liberal media.

Aside from being a billionaire, Donald Trump is a showman, an entertainer who subscribes to the old maxim that any publicity is good publicity, and his strategy is working. His face is everywhere. Hours of time are being spent writing articles attacking a man who will never set foot in the White House. And, worst of all, the entire effort to vilify Trump in the media is a waste of time. His fans love it.

You can count on the fact that Trump will continue saying crazy, outrageous things as long as it continues getting his name and face in the news. Like all fads, however, the public and media will tire of Trumps shtick at some point, and he’ll drop out of the race and go back to being ordinary billionaire asshole Donald Trump instead of Republican Presidential candidate billionaire asshole Donald Trump.

Wait a second. DAMMIT! He got me, too.

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