Wednesday, August 05, 2015

According to Sarah Palin, Trump is the candidate for Joe Six-Pack

The Republican Loonypalooza Show is a bottomless source of entertainment as candidates for the highest office in the country try to “out-crazy” their opponents. Yesterday it was Ted Cruz cooking bacon on the barrel of a machine gun. Today’s head-exploding offering is from the “Please-somebody-ask-me-to-run” non-candidate, the Grizzly Momma herself, Sarah Palin, who seems to be wooing a certain egomaniacal billionaire from New York. In a recent posting on, Sarah wrote:

“The elites are shocked by Trump’s dominance, but everyday Americans aren’t. Everywhere I’ve gone this summer, including motorsport events in Detroit full of fed-up Joe Six-Pack Americans, the folks I meet commiserate about wussified slates of politicians, but then unsolicited, they whisper their appreciation for Trump because he has the guts to say it like it is.”

Donald Trump is the candidate for Joe Six-Pack Americans, according to Palin. The nation’s most arrogant, out-of-touch elitist is actually a man of the people, a defender of the little guy who can’t catch a break. Like Superman, Trump adopts a clever personae during the day, in his case, a racist, misogynistic billionaire blowhard, but at night, he dons overalls and a baseball cap and buys rounds of drinks at neighborhood bars, hands out free Slurpees in front of a 7/11, and rescues lost pets.

Loonypalooza rolls on to the debate tomorrow.  Buckle up, because it’s gonna be a wild ride.

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