Monday, September 07, 2015

Conservatives Do Not Love America. They Are Devoted to an Illusion.

Despite the required American flag lapel pin or patriotic scarf and the hyperbolic rhetoric, today’s Tea Party conservatives clearly do not love America, not the America this country’s founders envisioned. What they do love is a fairy tale version of America created from a thoroughly scrubbed and sanitized history, a totally fabricated understanding of the founders’ beliefs and motivations, and a deeply flawed reading of the Constitution and how it is to be interpreted.

No, conservatives don’t love America, they love their made up country that, if they could magically conjure it up, would be a corporatacracy with a thin veneer of theocracy laid over the top to appease the already self-deluded evangelical wing. We live in something like that now, but in their version, there would be no social safety net, no social security and everything that could be privatized, would be. If you think homelessness and poverty are bad now, America a la Cruz would make the Great Depression look like a family picnic.

George Bush once famously said that terrorists attack us because they hate our freedoms. The same can be said for the Tea Party crowd. They hate the idea that women should have freedom over their own bodies, they hate the idea that the government should help elderly Americans to have the freedom to live lives of dignity in their final years, they hate the idea that American workers should have the freedom to demand living wages and benefits from their employers, and they hate the idea that two people in love, who happen to be the same sex, should have the freedom to marry,

I wish I could give conservatives their own country to ruin instead of trying to ruin mine. Not interested in working to fix the problems that truly matter to Americans, like climate change, rampant gun violence, income inequality, a crippled public education system and soaring college debt, they want to waste precious time and energy on the War on Christmas and Hillary Clinton’s emails. Benghazi!!!

Conservatives want to destroy American to try and save it. They want to tear down the country the founders envisioned and replace it with something else that is to them a dream come true, but to the rest of us a living nightmare.

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