Friday, January 20, 2017

Thoughts On This Darkest of Days

Watched Michael Moore pump up the resistance today instead of Herr Trumpenstein getting the keys to the White House and the codes to our nuclear weapons. Moore wasn’t easy on us. He called us weak, and we are. We don’t yet have the fire in our bellies that the suffragettes had in the twenties or the civil rights marchers had in the fifties or the anti-Vietnam war resisters had in the sixties. I have a feeling however, that it isn’t going to take long for the anger to reach a boiling point. Trump is beyond ignorant, he is dangerous, possibly mentally ill, and he has surrounded himself with other dangerous individuals who do not understand or believe in democracy.

How far out of touch are Trump supporters? One comment you’ll see a lot is this one: “Get over it. The people have spoken.” I agree. The people did speak, and they chose Clinton to be President by three million votes.

That’s all I can do for today. Need to conserve energy for the next four years.

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