Thursday, February 02, 2017

The GOP’s Long Fight To Destroy Government From The Inside Is Coming To Fruition

“It must be nice to be a Republican Senator sometimes, because you get the fun of breaking shit and the joy of complaining the shit you just broke doesn’t work.”
John Stewart

So much truth here it hurts. I doubt anyone knows the specific day or meeting years ago when a Republican politician had an epiphany and addressed his fellow conservatives:

“Ladies and gentlemen, why are we Republicans? We are Republicans because we believe big government is inherently evil, yet here we are serving the very monster we want to destroy. By doing our jobs well and with honor, we enable big government to thrive, which is exactly what we don’t want. So I say to you, we must stop helping the machinery of big government run smoothly and start throwing sand in the gears. It’s really simple. Our incompetence as elected officials will be living proof that big government is by its very nature doomed to failure. All we have to do is act like incompetent boobs and our point is made for Mr. and Mrs. American public.”

For at least the last 30 years or so, Republican elected officials and appointees have worked tirelessly to prove that government is bad by pointing to the chaos that they themselves created, as John Stewart makes clear. And it works. A Republican runs for office, tells voters that government is bad, gets elected, fucks up everything, then runs for reelection on an anti-government platform (all the while enjoying the government perks of being a congressperson).

And now there is Trump. Mr. “The-government-screws-everything-up” is without question the most incompetent president of all time, yet his supporters voted for him, and still expect him, to fix things in Washington. Fix things. The man is breaking everything he touches and blaming everything and everybody else but himself, and his people can’t see the obvious. When it all comes crashing down, and it will as long as Trump is in office, it will be somebody else’s fault. Another failure of big government.

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