Friday, March 17, 2017

I Have Traveled Back In Time And I Have Proof

Who says time travel is impossible? I have been teleported to the early 17th century and I can prove it. Yes, the clothes and the technology around me are mysteriously similar to what I remember of the 21st century, but daily life in my settlement is clearly pre-enlightenment and therefore I can only conclude I must have been sent back in time. My proof? By Dickens, here is my proof. This country’s leaders:

Reject science.

Don’t care if the poor, the elderly and children are neglected.

Believe wealthy people are inherently superior people.

Support constant war and an obscenely bloated military.

Believe Christianity is superior to all other religions and want to create a theocracy.

Want women to remain second-class citizens and believe the government should control their bodies.

Believe in white supremacy, and want to keep minorities underclass citizens.

Want to build a wall to keep brown-skinned people out of the country.

Treat anyone who disagrees with them as the enemy.

Act as if citizens are fools by brazenly lying day after day.

Insist only positive news about their activities is factual news.

I am trying to get back to the 21st century but I can’t seem to find my time machine. Send help if you can.

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