Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Media Math

Six right-wing conservative pundits = 1 moderate liberal pundit

Lying us into an unnecessary war < an indiscrete sexual encounter

Overlooking Bush lies + laughing at his jokes = job security

Fires + police car chases + medical marvels + murders – controversy = news

Presidential interview – tough questions = primetime feature story

Embedded with troops – questions = access

If George Bush lies five times during every speech, and he speaks three times a day, how many times would his lies go around the earth over a one-year period?

If reporter A writes fifty editorials praising the Bush administration and reporter B writes one article criticizing the Bush administration, how many more unfavorable editorials will reporter B have to write to get fired?

Ann Coulter + Bill O’Reilly + Sean Hannity = voices of the right

Michael Moore + Al Franken + anyone from Hollywood = left-wing extremists

$ >Everything

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