Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Debunking a Republican myth: Federal investment in the U.S. at lowest level since 1948.

It seems like every time a Republican in congress opens his or her mouth, no matter what the subject, the phrase, “Government spending is out of control” will be inserted into the statement. It’s one of those mantras that has been said so many times by so many conservative pundits and politicians that it’s basically taken for granted without argument. However, like most conservative mantras, it’s not based in reality.

An article in the latest Financial Times states, "Public investment in the US has hit its lowest level since demobilisation after the second world war [1948] because of Republican success in stymieing President Barack Obama’s push for more spending on infrastructure, science and education.”

You’d think Republicans would be throwing victory parties after having bullied, extorted and threatened Obama and the Democrats into giving up on much needed federal spending, but no, they want still more cuts. And the administration and congressional Democrats deserve their share of blame for being spineless acquiescers who are ready to cry “uncle” at the slightest arched eyebrow from a Tea Partier.

Yes, the President did stand firm in this last round of negotiations, but he’d already given away far too much to the Republicans, and they figured, hey, he’s caved before, why should this time be any different? Fortunately they were wrong, but it was only one loss after a series of wins.

When some idiot in Texas starts ranting about secession, there are days when I’m all for it. Let them conduct their conservative experiment in government so that the rest of the country can clearly see how misguided and dangerous it really is.

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