Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The government lies about everything...except 9/11

There’s an article in today’s Huffington Post that features a video of a lecture given by the legendary linguist Noam Chomsky. For some reason, during the question & answer period, someone asked him about 9/11. He then went on a tear denigrating 9/11 truthers and stating that there is absolutely no evidence the Bush administration was involved. The money quote from the article was, "There happen to be a lot of people around who spent an hour on the Internet and think they know a lot of physics," he added, "but it doesn't work like that ... There's a reason there are graduate schools in these departments."

Funny thing is, Chomsky isn’t a physicist either. He doesn’t know anymore about the science or physics of what happened on 9/11 than I do. He is merely picking one group of physicists and engineers to believe over another. I wrote this in the comments section of the article. What was disturbing to me was the level of anger and vehemence you find from so many who believe 9/11 happened just the way the commission said it did. There was name calling and ad homonym attacks and ridicule. And I also find it interesting that so many lefties, people who distrust the government on so many levels, want to believe that everything happened just as the government said it did.

The corporate media has done a very good job of demonizing and marginalizing those who oppose the government’s 9/11 position.

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