Friday, February 07, 2014

Obama a socialist? The facts say otherwise.

Even after six years in office, conservatives on FOX News and in congress are still banging the “Obama is a socialist” drum. Those of us who actually reside on the left end of the spectrum have known this to be a ridiculous charge from the moment it was first uttered, but it still resonates strongly in Tea Party and libertarian circles. The most recent issue of Esquire includes an important article (with charts!) that should debunk and bury this accusation once and for all (link).

As the article (with charts!) clearly shows, the President cannot even be labeled a liberal, let alone a socialist. The real Barack Obama is a hawkish, pro-business centrist Democrat in the mold of Bill Clinton. In fact, Obama used Clinton’s playbook to win his two elections; lean left during the primaries and campaigns, then, once in office, run to your comfort zone in the center. And I’ll put money on the table right now that Hillary’s campaign strategy will be exactly the same.

Obama has been a great disappointment to progressives and, I am guessing, to socialists as well. We expected change, but got more of the same.

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