Thursday, October 13, 2016

Trump’s Hubris Will Bring Him Down

As the allegations continue pouring in from women Trump has sexually harassed and assaulted over the years, I can’t help but be amazed at the scale of hubris it must take to run for the highest office in the country and not expect your personal behavior to become an issue. It is especially stunning in the case of Trump who has held no public office before and has little to talk about except his personal life.

Donald is certainly not the first person to run for office who failed to take into account the skeletons in the closet, but in his case, it’s not a closet, but a Trump Tower full of decades of behaviors ranging from the annoyingly childish to the clearly illegal. To say Donald Trump lacks introspection and the ability to understand the ramifications of his own actions is the understatement of the century.

An actual human being with a heart and a conscience would never in a million years consider running for President of the United States with a track record like Donald’s, but he is clearly not an actual human being. Brought up by a rabidly racist father, cloistered in the world of wealth and privilege, Trump lived in the frat house of his own making for his entire adult life, revealing his inner depravity to fellow fraternity brothers and foisting himself on women who he was sure wanted to party with the president of the club. Being the classic narcissist he is, it never dawned on the rich white kid that he wasn’t the coolest, most desirable man wherever he went.

And now, finally, the stone walls he built around himself to keep him impervious to reality are starting to crack and separate. Only now, seven decades into his life, is the world that exists beyond his mental bulwark beginning to seep into the inner sanctum, causing Donald to become unsure, erratic, and to lash out in childish tantrums at all the many enemies around him.

Hubris will ultimately be the downfall of Donald Trump. His ugly, demeaning, racist behavior is finally being held up to the light and it is penetrating his defenses, burning him like sunlight burns a vampire. Hopefully it will burn hot enough and long enough to send him back into the darkness where he belongs.

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