Thursday, November 10, 2016

What We Have To Look Forward To Over The Next Four Years

To those Democrats who are trying to get through the week by believing Trump will tone back the craziness once he is actually in office, you need to pay closer attention to who the Donald is picking for various cabinet posts. Besides loyal lapdogs like Giuliani, Christie and Gingrich, initial indications are he’s going to pack his administration with right-wing, anti-science, Christian ideologues. Based on his campaign rhetoric and his cabinet appointees, here is what we can look forward to during the next four years under Trump. His administration, along with a Republican controlled House and Senate, will:
  • fight any climate change initiatives,
  • attack women’s reproductive rights,
  • try to close down Planned Parenthood,
  • undo environmental protection laws,
  • roll back existing financial regulations,
  • end the Affordable Care Act,
  • attack Social Security and Medicare and attempt to privatize them,
  • inject Christianity into governmental affairs,
  • give corporate America more say than ever over government policy,
  • use military actions instead of diplomacy,
  • allow police to continue militarizing their departments,
  • reduce public school funding,
  • promote racially divisive policies,
  • antagonize and alienate our allies around the world,
  • suppress and defund federally supported research that contradicts conservative beliefs,
  • and cut existing safety nets for the poor. 
And folks, that’s just the beginning. We do need to organize and fight Tump's agenda tooth and nail.

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