Friday, January 21, 2005

Media "Cheat Sheet" Exposed

That’s Going Too Far! obtained the following document from a network news employee who pirated it out of his building in a body cavity. The source of the Cheat Sheet is not known, but the stationary bore “Senior Advisor to the President” letterhead. Oops!


For all anchors, reporters and producers in our news department. Please refer to these definitions for consistency of message. Thank you.

Conspiracy theorist/nut – Any liberal who asks questions.

Knowledgeable source/expert/reliable source – Any conservative who asks questions.

Washington insider – Any administration official or representative from right-leaning think-tank.

Differing/alternative viewpoint – Any liberal (inside or outside DC) or university professor.

Conventional wisdom/common sense – The Administration’s viewpoint.

Unsubstantiated allegations – The liberal viewpoint.

While most Americans believe… - Those with middle-of-the-road to right-leaning political views.

Others say… - Liberals.

Embedded American reporters – Safe, reliable.

Non-U.S. news sources – Highly questionable.

Cheering throngs/Americans/crowds – What we show around President Bush.

Protestors – What we don’t show around President Bush.

Wall Street/industry lobbyists/industry leaders – Spin positive.

Consumer groups/Rights organizations/liberal activists – Minimal air time.

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