Monday, August 08, 2005


For Cindy Sheehan

The mothers and fathers
Dragging their hearts behind them like anchors
Down bitter, choking prairie roads
Ghosts wait on the horizon

At the emperor’s gate
Pleading for an audience
Their words roll aimlessly across the dead earth
Like sagebrush through a ravine

The emperor will not see them
Cowering behind veils
Lies boiling under his skin
Underlings swirl about in mesmerizing dances

Mourners at a funeral
Wondering where their children are hiding
Frightening moments
Followed by echoes

Clouds above the stables
The horses sense fear
Drink, my emperor, drink more wine
Languish again in the pool of certainty

Mothers and Fathers wail
Ripping at their clothes in frustration
Where is the glory, they demand
To an emperor who can hear nothing but his voice

While ghosts wait on the horizon

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Randall said...

What a wonderful lament. I am going to introduce a motion at our MNSD62DFL (here in southeast Minneapolis) meeting this evening in support of Cindy.

Speaking of Gathering, remember Gatheroo ( - an alternative to Meetup. Meetups, as you may know, played a big role in mobilizing voters and activists in the last election cycle. They have started charging for their services, which puts a dent in the resources of many. Ours will not charge. That is why we have created Gatheroo - to make such services as grassroots friendly as we can. And Gatheroo will also incorporate someinteresting 'second-generation' community building tools.

You might be interested in the reasoning for our initiative. Information technologies have been blamed for (among many things) increasing alienation (e.g., game potatoes). The Meetup phenomena moved in the opposite direction - using technologies to bring folks together and thus reversing if not a trend, a perception. I don't know if you are familiar with the work of Robert Putnam in his book "Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community", but we feel technologies like ours are a response. I have expanded on this in our blog,

I hope you'll take a look at what we're up to and ask yourself how what we are doing relates to issues you address in your blog. I'd be happy to hear your views.

Randall Kindley, Ph. D.
Co-Founder, Gatheroo
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