Thursday, August 11, 2005

Top Ten Reasons Why President Bush Won’t Meet With Cindy Sheehan

10. If I don’t clear that brush now it’ll never happen
9. My cowboy hat is at the cleaners getting blocked
8. Intelligence sources tell me there have been Osama Bin Laden sightings as close as Waco
7. Are you kidding? This place is crawling with rattlers
6. Once I get Condi on the phone she just never wants to stop talking
5. Fine. I meet one grieving parent and I’m going to have to meet them all
4. Why would I want to meet with someone who disagrees with me?
3. When I’m not so darned busy conquering the world for democracy, I’ll have plenty of time to chat
2. I’ll talk to anyone who brings a checkbook
1. Why does she want to see me? This is all Cheney’s fault.

1 comment: said...

Top reasons why Bush Won't meet with Cindy:
1. Jeff Gannon is supposed to call with the results of his "tests"
2. During a heated game, Karl Rove sunk his Battlehip
3. The world hates him and he is pouting.
4. He is up on the roof of the white house with duct tape trying to find that darn leak everyone is talking about.
5. The dog ate his homework that had the exit strategy on it.
6. Karl Rove has yet to tell him how to answer Cindy's questions.
7. He can't get that new Jessica Simpson song out of head..."These boots were made for Bombin'"
8. He just can't put down "My pet Goat". It just gets funnier and funnier everytime he reads it!!!
9. The twins are on another beer run
10. He can't spell Sheehan.
11. He is playing phone tag with Bob Novak.