Thursday, November 03, 2005

You Know the Bush Administration is in Trouble When...

  • Karl Rove is replaced with Bush’s private tailor, Georges de Paris
  • White House orders DC liquor stores and pharmacies to remain open on 24-hour standby
  • Libby enters the federal witness protection program
  • Cheney has his sneer surgically removed
  • Dennis Miller is given a room at the White House and bestowed the title, “Court Jester”
  • White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan is replaced by Jerry Springer
  • Cheney deletes “Vice President of the United States” from his resume
  • DC post offices run out of “Change of Address” packets
  • Foreign governments ask Bush and entourage to stay at local Holiday Inns during state visits
  • Site for the future George W. Bush Presidential Library chosen near Leavenworth, Kansas

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