Thursday, June 20, 2013

Despite their rhetoric, Republicans really want a government on steroids

Don’t ever let a Republican get away with telling you he wants the government to stay out of people’s lives.

Although they constantly complain about America being a “Nanny State,” their proposals and policies are all about creating a “Daddy State,” the judgmental, authoritarian daddy of 1950s sitcoms.

House GOP members
  • want to drug test food stamp applicants and recipients of other federal programs
  • support the most intrusive surveillance techniques of the CIA and NSA
  • want the government to decide whether a woman can have an abortion or not
  • support injecting religious beliefs into public school curricula
  • approve of discriminatory practices against gays and lesbians
As they demonize government out of one side of their mouths, the other actually supports a government on steroids that pokes itself into every facet of your private life. Republicans don’t really hate government, they only hate government they don’t control.

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