Sunday, August 11, 2013

Little Timmy watch: Day 5

Yes, today is day 5, the day of reckoning. I want to thank you all for your generous support, but unfortunately we have come up about $44 million short on the bill, give or take a million. I don’t know how Jerry Lewis does it. Anyway, in anticipation of this shortfall, we smuggled Little Timmy out of the hospital last night.
Our disguises worked perfectly.
Now we are on the run, as they say, but thankfully our escape vehicle blends right in.
So, with Little Timmy at least stabilized and in good spirits,
we can resume our lives. Thank you again.

For less than $5, you can help us resume our lives.

Buy a copy of “Fall Lake.” The link is over there on the right. We all thank you. 

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