Thursday, October 17, 2013

Take the post-shutdown pledge

Now that another government crisis has been averted (for the time being), it’s time to turn our attention inward and ask, “How did these lunatics ever gain the power to do what they did?” If you stand in front of a mirror the answer will be obvious. We voted for them. We willingly sent them to Washington D.C. to wreak havoc and mayhem. We should all feel bad about that.

That can change, however. I ask you to take the pledge today. Make a stand to only send people to Congress who want to improve the way government works, not destroy it. Let’s elect men and women who will work to make government more effective, more responsive and more open. Let’s look for smart people to run for office, not anti-intellectuals. Let’s elect people who embrace the diversity of our country and not put bigots and haters in positions of power.

Real change begins with us and the people we elect to office. Let’s start voting smarter. It’s quick and easy. Raise your right hand and repeat the following sentence aloud.

“I vow to never again vote for radical, bigoted, government-hating Christian fundamentalist Republicans.”

America thanks you. 

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