Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The terrorists among us

Republicans sure do hate America. They’d rather destroy this country than allow democracy to work as the Founding Father’s envisioned it. They’ve shut down the government in a childish attempt to stop or postpone Obamacare, which is already a law that goes into effect no matter how long they hold their breath.

A new poll puts Congress’s approval rating at 10 percent. In other words, getting a colonoscopy from Satan ranks higher in favorability than the U.S. Congress. What I cannot understand is why Americans complain so much about Washington, but then turn around vote for morons like Darrell Issa of Texas, Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, Steve King of Iowa and John Boehner of Ohio. How can you complain about their performance when you helped them get elected? You want a more productive Congress? STOP VOTING FOR ULTRA CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS.

The Republican Party is going to be in dire trouble in the future if it continues to allow the Tea Party faction to define its brand. These aren’t people who want to make government better, they want to destroy government and replace it with…what? I’m not even sure. Feudal society? They are anarchists.

Not all terrorists walk around with bombs strapped to their chests. Some wear suits and use their voting power to bring down the government from the inside.

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