Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Will Republicans pay a price for their stupidity?

As the government shutdown shenanigans come to a whimpering end today (everyone hopes), we can now focus on the great lesson learned from this fiasco: Congressional Republicans are morons, and I mean that literally.

How else can you characterize a group of individuals who would agree to shut down a government based on ridiculous demands that no one in their right mind would agree to, and who had no plan, strategy, end game or escape clause? These are allegedly adults who went to school, many of whom were financially successful in their private lives, and yet they couldn’t see what a boneheaded, fatally flawed idea this was. Lord have mercy.

What will the ramifications be? In an alternate universe they would be arrested and tried for attempting to extort the government of the United States. One would hope that in our current universe, however, their outlandish actions would cause more moderate Republican voters to question their loyalty to a party now run by anarchists, corporate lackeys and religious fanatics.

That may be asking too much. We shall see. Republicans do have a loyal base, but it is relatively small if you look at the numbers. If Democrats do not recapture the House and take more Senate seats in the upcoming election, they will only have themselves to blame. 

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