Sunday, April 13, 2014

America’s problems are obvious. Solutions, not so much.

A research article soon to be published in Perspectives on Politics comes to the conclusion that the sun is hot. Oh, sorry. The paper actually finds that the wealthy and special interest groups in America have a strong impact on government policies, while the average person has almost none. The authors of the study note that when placed against the interests of the rich, “it makes very little difference what the general public thinks.”

Surprising as it sounds, those of us who make less than seven figure yearly incomes had a hunch that was the case. And thanks to the unjustices on the Supreme Court, we’ve handed the elites even more opportunities to buy the politicians and policies they want. Aren’t you frustrated knowing what the problems are in American, but being powerless to do anything about them? I know I am. What good is writing your congressperson when you know that they really don’t care what you think?

It’s a gloomy, cold Minnesota Sunday, and I am in a mood to match.

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