Tuesday, April 01, 2014

New story at "They're Only Shadows"

I've posted a new short story titled The Eyes of John Abbott at They're Only Shadows. Here's a brief excerpt:

Jennifer ran through the litany of the odd events of the past few months with Clio nodding knowingly and shaking her head in disbelief in equal measures. When Jennifer finished, Clio took off her glasses and pinched the space between her eyes as if physically trying to contain what she just heard. Leaning to one side on an elbow, she met Jennifer’s expectant glance. “I believe you are under attack from a demonic presence.”
The earth paused in its orbit for a moment, rivers reversed course, and Jennifer tried to maintain decorum, but could not. A messy, blustery laugh escaped despite her best efforts. She covered her mouth to try and contain the damage, but it was too late. Clio’s lips pursed and her body language became defensive.
“I’m sorry. So sorry, but demons?”
“You asked.”
“About the symbols. What they mean.”
“Bloody handprints, the all-seeing eye, the sacrificial animal, a dark man hanging around…they clearly point to the presence of an evil entity.”
“But Aunt Clio, I don’t believe in that stuff. There’s nothing that I’ve told you about that couldn’t be done by a human being. I mean, this hooded person has been seen on the property twice now. I don’t know why, but he’s trying to scare me.”
“Are you absolutely sure that’s all it is?”
“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to sound dismissive.”
Clio looked down at her lap with a knowing smile. “The wine is nice. Could I get a little more?”

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