Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A monster lives among us

You know how in so many Hollywood movies, the bad guy (or girl) is completely amoral? They have absolutely no redeeming qualities or allegiances, no heart, and have only one goal in their miserable lives (world domination, killing the hero, the Holy Grail, the gold in Ft. Knox, etc.)? Well, think about it. What is the one real-world parallel that turns people into amoral, single-minded tyrants? Profits.

If companies are people, as the Supreme Court says they are, they are amoral organisms that have one purpose and one purpose only: to make a profit. Everything else is superfluous or incidental and subservient to the goal of staying in the black. Today’s large corporations have no national allegiance, no community allegiance, no concern for their workers other than that they perform their assigned duties competently, and absolutely no conscience.

To argue against free market capitalism in America is to invite stoning, shunning, career suicide and any number of other punishments. It’s not a serious part of anyone’s political discourse, with the possible exception of Bernie Sanders, and, to Tea Partiers, calling Obama a socialist is the modern day equivalent of labeling him a son of Satan.

Unregulated or even poorly regulated capitalism is a recipe for disaster, and that disaster is playing itself out as I type this. The economy has limped along since 2008, but much worse is on horizon as we continue to allow unchecked companies to move to lower wage countries, pay little to nothing in taxes, pay CEOs exorbitant salaries and keep hordes of money stockpiled in offshore accounts.

Politicians working with lobbyists have created an amoral corporate monster that lives only for profits and gives almost nothing back in return.

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