Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bush locked in a cell of his own making

Whenever those of us living in the reality-based world hear Bush speak about the Iraq war, we are always left shaking our heads in wonderment. What FOX pundits and Christian Fundamentalists see as moral conviction and steadfastness, the rest of us see as the arrogant denial of a disturbed mind.

We might both be wrong. What are George’s options?

With his lies, blunders, missteps, mismanagement, ignorance, arrogance and absence of curiosity, he has built an iron cell around himself from which there is no escape. All habitual liars eventually become prisoners of their lies. Even if the impossible was possible and George was totally in control of his mental facilities (I know. Bear with me), and his moral compass was pointed in the right direction, he has no other options now but to stick with his “stay the course” blather. What else can he do?

How does one say, “I’m sorry” for the needless death of thousands of Americans, tens of thousands of Iraqis, the destruction of Iraq’s infrastructure, alienating our allies, torturing people, spying on innocent Americans, blah, blah, blah? Should we even expect that from a man with no personal courage or character?

George has no choice but to pretend his cell isn’t real, that black is white, that failure is success. No amount of logic will reach him behind his mental bars. Clinging to a cynical world of religious mumbo jumbo and super-sized national icons is the only thing that keeps Bush from washing down the whole bottle of sleeping pills.

Others in the administration have their own reasons for feeding George’s fantasies, with staying out of jail being at the top of the list. George’s denial goes much deeper, though, to a place where huge mistakes grow larger and larger by eating at the soul as they wait to be set free by confession. Unfortunately for all of us, it is a confession that Bush will never have the courage to make.

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