Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New ABC shows currently in production

Everybody Hates Bill
Everything former President Bill Clinton does is wrong, and his wacky friends, family and neighbors never let him forget it. Criminally insane wife Hillary only adds to the comic chaos.

Set in the Old West, a lone cowboy arrives in the dying town of Deadwood. Run for years by a socialist cabal, the town is slowly being crushed under the weight of repressive taxes, over-regulation and social programs run amok. Our hero, known only as Newt, hires on as the new sheriff and pledges to clean up the town and restore traditional American values.

Law & Order: Extreme Punishment
The scum of the earth are brought to justice in this gritty police drama. Fired from the NYPD for using excessive force, former detectives Hannity and Driscoe establish their own EP (Extreme Punishment) Unit and begin cleaning up the city using any force necessary. The rulebook goes out the window and Miranda is sent packing as the two vigilantes break bones and bust heads for true justice.

Heaven’s to Betsy
What would America be like if it were truly a Christian Nation? In this heartwarming comedy, Betsy Armstrong and her family find out when a national religious leader overthrows the elected government and institutes biblical law. Dress codes, mandatory church attendance and stoning are all part of daily life in the fictional town of New Eden.

The Ann Coulter Show
Powerhouse pundit Ann Coulter showcases her charming and witty side in this all-American variety show. Ann sings, dances and executes illegal immigrants during an hour of fun family entertainment. A few of Ann’s guest performers will include the Marine Corps Band, Daughters of the American Revolution Choir, Charleton Heston, and the rock band, White Pride Riot.

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