Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mainstream media continues its retreat from reality

It is so discouraging hearing reporters in the MSM provide cover for the disastrous Bush administration night after night. As part of an ABC newscast, George Stephanopoulos made the following comment regarding the partially released NIE report critical of the situation in Iraq. “But the report also does offer some validation for the president's military strategy. It says success in Iraq is a key to containing the threat. It also says that political reform, democratic reform, is a key to containing the threat. The president's made both those points.”

This line of reasoning is straight from the Republican talking points memo sent out that day. There was no terrorist threat from Iraq prior to our invasion. Every expectation the administration had regarding Iraq has proven wrong. The country is now a breeding ground for terrorists because of the administration’s poor post-war planning and complete lack of understanding of the religious situation in the Middle East, and has nothing to do with strategy of any kind. The “threat” emanating from Iraq is Bush’s fault, yet Stephanopoulos makes it sound as if the President is the great hope for peace in the region.

George Bush is the problem, not the solution.

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