Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ann Coulter tries humor. Fails miserably.

Okay, so I’m jumping on the Ann Coulter bandwagon. Thinking she would be funny, which is always dangerous for conservatives, Coulter posted a photo of herself mocking the current #bringbackourgirls initiative to bring back the hundreds of Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram. Of course, the Internet got a hold of it and the second photo is merely one of dozens of “revised” posters. I’m not adept enough to put my comments on the paper, but here is my contribution:

I make other blonds seem smart

I hate everything and get paid for it

I hate you, but don’t think you’re special

Love is for wimps. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Jesus.

One time, I knocked out a liberal with my Adam’s apple

I hope they killed a thousand trees to make this piece of paper

I make power shakes with kittens and baby’s tears

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