Thursday, May 08, 2014

Honor women’s contributions to history? God forbid, says Michele Bachmann

Minnesota’s much-revered intellectual philosopher congresswoman Michele Bachmann has been eerily quiet over the past few months. Yesterday, she broke her silence with a rousing denunciation of the National Women’s History Museum in Washington, D.C. Actually, there isn’t a National Women’s History Museum yet. In fact, the bi-partisan bill she railed against on the House floor is simply intended to create a commission to study the idea of a museum. And the museum would be privately funded. No tax dollars involved.

Bachmann’s preemptive rage is targeted at the possible content of the museum, a part of the project that hasn’t even been discussed yet. She worries that the museum will enshrine radical feminists and be an “ideological shrine to abortion.” In other words, Bachmann and other conservatives are afraid that those featured in the museum will be the women who actually made a difference in women’s history.

Once again, for anyone foolish enough to believe that Republicans want less government intervention in their private lives, you simply need to listen to Bachmann and her ilk discuss their version of history, the version they want our children to learn, to know this is a grand lie. Their faux history is already being taught in many private religious schools across the country, and they are working hard to bring it to public schools as well.

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