Thursday, May 29, 2014

Snowden’s a wuss according to our esteemed Secretary of State

Secretary of State John Kerry thinks Edward Snowden is a traitor who should, “Man up and come back to the United States.” Oh, the irony. In the 2004 presidential campaign, candidate Kerry was the victim of a Swift Boat smear campaign that attacked his conduct during the Vietnam War, his anti-war activities and his patriotism. Ten years later this same man is using ad homonym attacks, name-calling and schoolyard taunts to try and discredit Edward Snowden. Actually, it’s even weirder than that as the name calling is a direct challenge to Snowden’s manhood. Snowden’s a wussy, Snowden’s a wussy.

What this childish tirade is supposed to accomplish is beyond me. If we’ve learned anything about Snowden since the first NSA documents were released a year ago it’s that he is a very smart guy. Does Kerry think Snowden is going to become so enraged by his insults that he’ll hop on a plane and meet the Secretary of State behind the White House for a fist fight? Kerry’s juvenile comments will only help reinforce Snowden’s decision to never return to the U.S.

Shouldn’t the Secretary of State use a bit more tact in a situation like this? No one on the planet believes that Snowden would be treated fairly if he returned home. If Kerry is simply releasing some pent up frustration over the situation, he should probably keep that among a few close friends and not make an ass of himself by airing it publicly.

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