Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Anatomy of a deception: How Obama got away with bombing Syria

  1. The Obama administration wants to bomb Syria. The American public and general world opinion is heavily against the idea. Congress very skeptical.
  2. ISIS threat is scary, but not scary enough. Suddenly, a new super-terrorist organization is identified that makes ISIS look like a Girl Scout troop: Khorasan!
  3. Within days, stories start popping up at major news outlets about the danger Khorasan presents to the West. It’s reported that they are operating in…Syria.
  4. Tension builds, and CNN breathlessly reports that an “official” claims there is an imminent threat to America from Khorasan. The official says the group is building “improved explosive devices” that are much harder to detect.
  5. On September 23, without Congressional or UN approval, Obama claims self-defense and announces air strikes against Syria.
  6. Days later, news reports start questioning the Khorasan threat. Further investigation leads to accusations that there isn’t even a group called Khorasan operating in Syria, with some former intelligence agents claiming they’d never heard of the group.
  7. Obama administration pats itself on the back.

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