Tuesday, September 16, 2014

If the polls are right, something is definitely wrong

According to a very recent Washington Post poll, 72 percent of registered voters do not approve of the way Republicans in congress are doing their job. A mere 21 percent give them a “Meh.” I don’t understand how this squares with weekly headlines claiming Republicans are predicted to make gains in the House and may take the majority in the Senate in the upcoming election. How is it that people consistently complain about a do-nothing Congress and then vote more obstructionist Republicans into office?

The disconnect between what polls tell us and what people actually do in the privacy of their voting booths is inexplicable to me. Democrats should be enjoying a landslide victory this November, instead we’ll get more do nothing, know nothing conservatives whose only goal in life is to keep Obama from getting what he wants as President. I know, I know…gerrymandering, Citizens United, the Koch brothers, Obama hatred…all of this keeps red states red and threatens Dems in blue states. Still, I’m flummoxed by the situation. We are getting a government the majority of Americans don’t want, despite our efforts. It’s a government that serves the one percent, thanks to the Supreme Court and Republican controlled state houses, and, unfortunately, regular Republicans who have been brainwashed into voting against their best interests.

How long will we allow the elites to thwart the will of the majority of Americans?

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