Monday, September 29, 2014

If you’re not mad as hell, you should be

Michele Bachmann wants to declare war on Islam, not merely ISIS, but a new crusade against the second largest religion on the planet. John Boehner and friends want the unemployed to get off their lazy asses and find a job. Bill O’Reilly wants to create a 25,000-member mercenary army to fight in the Middle East. And Sarah Palin gave a speech at the Voter Values Summit this past week that was so incoherent, not even the code-word attuned Tea Party attendees could figure out what had her so pissed off. Oh, the insanity escapes the mouths of these morons like projectile vomit, drenching all of us in its sticky, rank wrongness.

As the mid-term elections draw closer, the lunacy grows louder. Close the borders, impeach Obama, shrink the government, lower taxes…we are treated to a barrage of political ads coming at us from every direction full of deranged accusations and proposed solutions worse than the problem. They are strings of worn clichés and vapid emotional appeals that should insult the intelligence of anyone over the age of ten (my apologies to ten-year olds). If you are a conservative political candidate, there is almost nothing you can say that is too callous, too insulting or too ignorant for your audience. And far too many of these buffoons will be elected to office by aging white voters who think America has been going to hell in a hand basket since the end of the Eisenhower administration.

Ill-informed Republican voters are going to give us more of everything that is wrong with America — more obstructionism, more divisiveness, more intolerance, and more sheer ignorance — hastening this country’s downhill trajectory. Thanks in large part to the Supreme Court, the Koch’s and their deep pocketed friends are bankrolling CEO friendly candidates who never met a billionaire they didn’t like. Our government will continue to be a circus of ineptness.

Where’s Howard Beale when we need him?

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