Monday, October 13, 2014

NASA Chief: May be life on Mars today

This is very interesting to me. In an interview (with video) posted by the online zine Inquisitr, NASA chief Charles Bolden said of Mars, “It is the most likely planet in the solar system, um, that had life at one time…may have life now, and we feel can definitely sustain life.”

May have life now? This is a pretty eye-opening statement from the head guy of an organization that for more than half-a-century has publicly pooh-poohed the existence of UFOs and any possible evidence of extraterrestrial activity. It could be that events are taking place now that may be forcing NASA to reveal its once closely guarded secrets.

For one, Mars buffs with a whole lot more time on their hands than me have been scouring images coming back from the Mars Rover and finding some interesting oddities on the Red Planet. Officially, NASA routinely debunks these findings as weathered rocks or camera glitches, but some of them defy these standard rebuffs, and it may be that NASA knows at some point someone is going to find something conclusive of life.

Second, there have been several incidents of UFO sightings around the ISS recently, one in which a craft just starts to appear near the ISS and NASA instantly cuts the video feed. These sightings, and many others from around the world, may be getting too difficult and numerous for NASA to shrug off as space junk or camera glitches. 

In UFO circles, the term “disclosure” is used to denote that time in the near or far future when governments finally disclose that yes, UFOs are a genuine phenomena and that we have been visited by beings from distant planets. As sophisticated video and photographic technology becomes more and more available to the average person, we are able to find and capture images that were at one time only within the capabilities of the world’s space agencies. That technology may be forcing NASAs hand.

Bolden may still walk back his comments in the days to come, but the fact that he made such remarks publicly could be a tentative first step in the government’s long overdue admission that we are not alone in the universe.

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