Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Unmasking Barack Obama

This is something of an addendum to Monday’s blog post as I find more and more people realizing that Barack Obama has been mislabeled, mischaracterized and misidentified. Not only is the President clearly not a socialist or Marxist, he’s not even a Liberal (although I understand all of these terms are synonymous to conservatives).

In an essay by former Reagan administration domestic policy advisor Bruce Bartlett in the American Conservative magazine, he asserts that Obama “has governed as a moderate conservative.” From an aggressive and brutish foreign policy to his crackdown on national security leaks to his fiscal policies, Bartlett correctly notes that the President’s actions (as opposed to his words) have been to the right of center in almost every case.

Progressives and liberals were duped by a man who sounded liberal on the campaign trail, but who has much more in common with the hawkish Hillary Clinton, and in some cases George Bush, than actual liberals like Alan Grayson, Dennis Kucinich or Elizabeth Warren. It’s late in the game, but people are finally starting to see past the rhetoric to the true Barack Obama, and it ain’t a pretty sight. Sorry, Mr. Krugman.

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