Friday, October 03, 2014

Pluto: “I am not an insignificant space rock!”

Ebola, ISIS, climate change and…Pluto. Yes Pluto, the poor little methane ice-covered rock with an identity crisis at the far reaches of our solar system is back in the news. A Harvard scientist is re-engaging the debate as to whether Pluto is a planet or not. He says, “planet.”

Eight years ago, Pluto had its planet-status denied by a bunch of Pluto haters at the International Astronomical Union. These heartless eggheads humiliated the spunky little orb by claiming it was too small and insignificant to be a “planet.” Umbrage was taken, and the poor little guy, now classified a “dwarf planet” (adding insult to injury), has been sulking in the darkness of space ever since.

Thank god for Professor Owen Gingrich. Finally, a man of courage who is willing to stick up for “THE PLANET PLUTO.” How would you feel if your designation as human being was ripped from you because you were small and really far away? Was Pluto given a chance to respond, allowed to argue its case for planethood? No. The decision was unilateral and made with no consideration for the little guy’s feelings.

And by denying Pluto planet status, there was a definite cold blanket thrown over the hopes and dreams of other small rocks floating in the void of space of becoming planets someday. “If Pluto can’t make it,” went the reasoning, “I don’t have a chance.” But Professor Gingrich brings new hope to the small planet wannabes seeking reclassification.

The stars are shining just a little bit brighter at the limits of our solar system, dreams are rekindled, and Pluto, once known as Planet X, drifts through space with a more positive outlook than it’s had in years. Thank you, Professor Gingrich.

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