Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Let the games begin

I mean that literally. A new Republican-controlled Congress begins playing games…I mean, goes to work, today with a fresh batch of loony-tune tea partiers eager to destroy America and build a Christian theme park in its place. I truly have no idea what the voters who are responsible for this travesty were thinking, but if they were expecting a more productive, collaborative Congress (which would mean they are clinically insane or in a coma), they will be sorely disappointed.

What we can count on is an increase in wasted time and energy in attempts to undo Obama’s policies like the Affordable Care Act. They’ll push for the disastrous Keystone pipeline and tax cuts for the wealthy, attack the social safety net, and continue their assault on women’s reproductive rights. I can also predict that nothing will be done to stem the abuses of the NSA/CIA surveillance state, correct the ever-widening income inequality gap, provide struggling workers with any economic relief or address the threat of climate change.

Delusional, hypocritical and answerable to no one but their corporate masters, the new Republicans in Congress will without a doubt push America further toward economic and civic ruin over the next two years. Despite this, the mainstream media will continue condemning “Congress” for its ineptitude, lumping Democrats and Republicans together for the failure to get anything constructive done, refusing to be honest and place blame where blame is due.

Things will be bad for the next two years, but if the Republicans manage to win the White House in 2016, it will be game over for the future of this country.

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