Friday, January 16, 2015

This week in stupid

Physician Ben Carson, a Republican who will probably run for President, compared America’s founding fathers with ISIS because they were willing to die for their beliefs and didn’t compromise “for the sake of political correctness.”

A Tennessee mother has complained that the taillights of a school bus form a “Pagan” pentagram and is demanding they be changed.

A new Alabama abortion law allows judges to appoint attorneys to represent fetuses in abortion cases involving girls aged 17 and younger who don't have consent for the procedure from their parents. The ACLU points out that Alabama does not have a statewide public defender program. Fetuses can get an attorney, but poor adults accused of crimes cannot.

According to a study by The Tax Foundation, the seven states that take in the most federal tax dollars all had one thing in common. They all voted Republican in the presidential 2012 election.

Four U.S. Republican Senators introduced a bill on Tuesday seeking to cut off any funding which could allow detainees – including men long cleared for release by federal agents – to leave Guantánamo. One of the four is John McCain, who campaigned for president in 2008 saying that the detention center at Guantánamo needed to be closed.

As part of a holiday charity campaign, the Walmart Foundation last month donated $1.5 million to food pantries across the country. An estimated 825,000 workers at Walmart, the largest private employer in the United States, earn less than $25,000 annually, placing many who have families below the poverty line and in need of food assistance programs.

A bipartisan trio of lawmakers in Mississippi has introduced a bill calling for the Bible to be named the “state book.”

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