Sunday, March 20, 2005

What’s The Frequency, Dubya?

This is an excerpt from a recent administration-sponsored “Town Hall” meeting on Social Security. The meeting was cut short when there appeared to be problems with Bush’s electronic listening device.

President Bush
“…so, as you can clearly see my friends, the problems with social security cannot wait another five or ten years. We have to act now. We can’t just sit by and watch…the Yankees go ahead by two runs…. Uh…excuse me. What I meant to say was that we can’t sit by and watch the program go down the tubes and do nothing. We’re talking about the future of your children, who deserve…to hear the latest from Rob Zombie, ‘Living Dead Girl.’ (pause) I…seem to be a little tongue-tied today, ladies and gentlemen. I’m sorry. But I urge you to contact your representatives in Washington and tell them to…bring down Commander Hillary and her battalions of femi-nazis…. (under his breath) A little help here. (to the audience) Tell them that they must act now to save social security and not put future generations at risk of being…caught in a downpour in Schenectady this afternoon. Today’s highs will be…. Okay….I’m feeling a little under the weather, friends, so I’m going to conclude now by thanking you for coming out today and…supporting liberal radio on Air America. This is Al Franken signing off…. (Bush faints and is whisked away)

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