Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Many questions still surround Malaysia Flight 370

Something seems a bit off to me about the Malaysian government’s recent announcement that missing Flight 370 definitely went into the Indian Ocean killing all passengers. The evidence for this can hardly be considered airtight. An article about the crash in the Huffington Post explains it this way:

The conclusions were based on a thorough analysis of the brief signals the plane sent every hour to a satellite belonging to Inmarsat, a British company, even after other communication systems on the jetliner shut down for unknown reasons.

Relatives of the passengers are understandably upset, and some suspect, as I do, that the announcement that the flight crashed into the sea had as much to do with trying to appease the families with closure as it did with finding conclusive new evidence. It is a logical assumption that the plane probably did go down, but I’m skeptical of the definitive explanation given by Malaysian officials.

Even beyond this, there are dozens of other questions that remain unanswered. Why did the plane go off course so dramatically? Why was the transponder and other tracking devices turned off? Was it hijacked? Were there explosives on board?

It’s a big planet with deep oceans, and unfortunately, we may never get these questions answered.

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