Tuesday, March 04, 2014

W.W.A.D. (What Would America Do?)

If there were major riots and political instability in Mexico City, would we send troops into Tijuana? What if the rioters were leftists and communists trying to install a socialist president? Seem like legitimate questions. I mean, we have invaded countries on false pretenses in the past, why wouldn’t we do it again, especially under those conditions?

I’m not suggesting that what Russia has done in Ukraine is justified, and I don’t believe it is, but the sanctimonious protestations by our government lack a certain grounding in reality and self-reflection. The world should be outraged by Putin’s invasion of another country, and it should have been equally as outraged when we invaded Iraq under false pretenses.

What is Putin’s end game? He seems poised to dive deeper into Ukraine, which will be a mistake for many reasons. If he does, none of the options left to the rest of the world look very good.

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