Monday, March 03, 2014

There’s a crisis somewhere in the world. Time to attack Obama.

As predictable as a sunrise, Congressional Republicans started harping on Obama the minute Russian troops set foot in Ukraine. “He’s weak.” “It’s time to stand up to Putin.” “Putin is playing chess while Obama is playing marbles.” The partisan criticism is one more blatant display of Obama hate from the low IQ crowd in D.C.

They criticized him for wanting to jump into war in Syria too quickly and again for not wanting to jump into a war with Russia. Their jabs are, of course, more for the media than anything else and are intended for the red meat racists in their home states. I wish we could replay reality, because if we could, you would see Congressional conservatives going negative on Obama no matter what course he chose.

It’s clear with every situation like this that Republicans hate Obama far more than they love America. From Benghazi to Iran to Syria, his conservative detractors have spent considerable time and energy attacking Obama instead of dealing with the pressing issues that are important to the American people.

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