Saturday, March 15, 2014

Obama hatred taken to new levels

A decade ago, those of us who criticized the president’s actions were dismissed by the media as being “Bush haters,” and as a result, our arguments were marginalized and dismissed. Time, however, has proven us right and has shown that our arguments were directed more at policy decisions than personality. Today’s Obama haters are in a whole different stratosphere of visceral abhorrence that blinds them not only to common sense, but will turn them against their own belief systems.

The epicenter of Obama hate is the U.S. Congress, where more time is spent trying to derail Obama’s policies than is devoted to breathing and eating. While one Republican congressperson sleeps, the other is holding votes to defund the Affordable Care Act, for the 51st time. The latest craziness comes from a Republican attempt to force the president to uphold the drug laws in states that are relaxing enforcement. One of the bill’s backers is Rand Paul. Yes, the libertarian, state’s rights guy.

The bullshit is so deep here you need a monsoon to wash it away. Paul has made a career out of advocating for state’s rights and has previously declared he supports a state’s right to legalize marijuana. All of a sudden, he’s demanding the federal government step into the state’s business and start enforcing federal laws. Why? Because he hates Obama. It’s really that simple. Congressional Republicans will grasp at anything, and I mean anything, they think will weaken or embarrass the president. They are even willing to put their long cherished beliefs on the shelf if it means knocking Obama down a peg.

Despite the fact that Obama won two elections, and that he is actually a business-friendly, very moderate Democrat, the haters won’t stop their hatin’. You and I and  they know it’s about more than simply disagreeing on policies. It’s about a black man telling them what to do. It’s about an intelligent black man with a loving family who’s not smoking crack and blaring rap out of his limousine speakers. It’s about a black man who refuses to be defined by their stereotypes. It’s about plain old racism.

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