Friday, December 20, 2013

Bill O’Reilly: I covered four wars with a pen!

I can say stupid things with conviction. I have two failed marriages and numerous ex-girlfriends who can attest to that. Why can’t I get paid millions of dollars every year to make a fool of myself like Bill O’Reilly? I give away my stupidity for free (slap to the forehead).

On the other hand, no one does stupid like O’Reilly. Bill let go of a beaut last night. Fighting the one-man battle in his imaginary war on Christmas, Bill debated (I use that term very loosely) Military Religious Freedom Foundation's Mikey Weinstein about the removal of nativity scenes at Guantanamo Bay. O’Reilly was O’ghast that anyone would not want Christian symbols forced down their throats, and demanded that Weinstein tell him who complained about the crèches. Weinstein, of course, tried to talk about the issue of religious freedom, but O’Reilly wanted names so that the offenders could be burned alive in the public square.

With his usual finesse and tact, O’Reilly turned the “debate” into a name-calling shouting match. When Weinstein had the temerity to bring up the fact that O’Reilly never served in the military and that he might show a little respect toward the men and women who had the courage to serve in uniform, you could see the blood rising in his head like a cartoon thermometer. O’Reilly’s retort? “I covered four wars with a pen, OK, Mr. Weinstein? So don’t impugn my courage ever again. You’re a weasel.”

You’re right, Mr. O’Reilly. Sitting on your sofa with your pen and legal pad sipping on a glass of Merlot is exactly the same as crouching behind a stone wall in Afghanistan or in a muddy foxhole in Vietnam dodging enemy fire and watching your friends die. 

O’Reilly, like so many other conservative bloviators, is a loud-mouth schoolyard bully who’s courage evaporates when anyone stands up to him, and who doesn’t possess the real courage it takes to put your life on the line for your country.

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