Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Republicans can only cheat their way into office

There are basically two kinds of elected Republicans: Evil and stupid. Sometimes the boundaries overlap, but it is nearly impossible to find a Republican official who doesn’t fall into one of the categories. The issue of voter fraud perfectly illustrates the true nature of today’s Republican party.

Evil Republican office holders know perfectly well that actual, premeditated voter fraud is almost non-existent, however they continuously characterize it as a national crime wave that needs to be addressed immediately. The truth is, their goal isn’t really to stop voter fraud, but to disenfranchise minority voters who tend to vote for Democrats. The latest rounds of new voter ID laws enacted in various Republican-led states has one goal and one goal only, and that is to make voting so difficult for minorities that they stay home on election day. Voter fraud is simply the cover story.

Then we have the stupid Republican office holders epitomized by Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz. You see, Matt was brainwashed by the Evil Republicans into actually believing that voter fraud was a huge problem, and in 2012 he managed to convince the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation to spend $280,000 of federal funds toward voter fraud inquiries. After 18 months of investigating, five people entered guilty pleas for fraud, however, if you look at their individual cases, the “fraud” was based on simple human mistakes or misunderstandings and not a one of them was a premeditated attempt to circumvent election laws.

Both evil and stupid Republicans know they can’t win national elections on the issues alone, so they jigger and gerrymander and pass restrictive voting laws to try and cheat their way into office. Unfortunately, it still works.

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